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Here at the Colorado Camera Department we aim to give you the best experience possible when traveling into state or already here. We offer high end Camera Department needs and support from Arri, Red, Sony, Canon Camera systems.

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1st Assistant Camera

At Colorado Cam Dept we have a range of qualified 1st ac’s and Focus pullers. Our first ac’s have years of experience working with Arri, Red, Sony and Canon Cameras and lenses. Our assistants are very tech savvy and experienced in technical issues that might arise on set whether with wireless video, camera needs, technical advice or training.

Camera Operators

Wide range of experienced Camera ops with experience in Commercial, Documentary, Narrative, and Music Videos.

Steadicam Operators

With years of experience in moving cameras, Colorado Cam Department has a list of Steadicam operators in Colorado. With 7+ years as a Steadicam / gimbal op we are here to make sure your camera stays smooth and steadi for the shots / scenes. Work load has consisted of Narrative Features, Commercials and Music Videos.


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